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Readers Respond: How I Hide My Thyroidectomy Scar

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Updated May 02, 2014

Whether it be for a family portrait or a night out on the town, some people would like to hide their thyroidectomy scar. If you have had a thyroidectomy, please share how you conceal your scar.

Hiding your scar

I'm having my thyroid out in two weeks. I've bought two sleeveless mock neck tanks and a couple of scarves to hide the scar. I also bought a really cool necktie that looks great on me, but I don't have anything to wear it with. :( I guess the best purchase I've made is/will be Mederma with sunscreen. Hopefully that will go a long way toward diminishing the scar. Some of my friends think I shouldn't even worry about it and say I should just show the scar with pride!

hiding a thyroidectomy scar

I had a total thyroid removal 9 days ago. I just had glue to close the incision. I think it looks bad but everyone else says that it isn't. Of course it is not their neck. Since we are at the hottest time of the year, I have been wearing light scarves and sleeveless turtle nect type shsirts. Hopefully it will start to heal and flatten soon. Good Luck
—Guest annmt1

hiding a thyroidectomy scar

I am having my thyroid removed the week after next. The sight of cuts, blood, etc. make me physically sick so I don't plan on looking at it for at least 3 months. It is over 90 degrees where I live right now and will be for the next few months. I also work in a doctor's office and wear scrubs. Not sure how sheik scarves will look with my scrubs but I guess turtlenecks are the other option. 90 degrees and a turtleneck? Anyone have any other suggetions?
—Guest annmt1

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